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Top 10 guideline in last day’s preparation for CBSE Exams

Posted last December 19, 2016, 7:27 am in Services report article

I am an education consultant working since many years in the field. I saw many success stories in my career. I have analysed successful students’ routine activities and study techniques and I have fond some very useful things from those analysis. I want to share some useful tips for those students who are preparing for CBSE board exams. These tips are actionable particularly in last 3 month before the final exam as this is the most critical period which determines the outcome and ultimately a career.

Last three months are for analysis and time to design strategies for revision and working on the weak areas. Students should design some quick fix formulas to pay attention on the weak subjects and revise the subjects they are good at.

By doing this, they would definitely get good score in CBSE board exams. Here are points that might help a student, how to prepare for board exams in last 3 months.

1). Disconnect yourself from every social Media.

·         Put your Facebook account on rest for 3 months.

·         Pack up your cell phones, and say goodbye to Facebook, WhatsApp and other App.

·         Stop attending parties.

Your friends are there and will remain so after a year as well. But for this year you should detach and say goodbye for a year and I am sure they will understand.

2). Create a suitable environment
Create a peaceful environment which encourage to study rather than the one which is standard. There are other aspects like proper lighting, proper seating position etc. Always study with full concentration and do not bother if it reaches to only one or two hours.

3) Set a timetable
Before starting the studies, students should design their own time-table which directs all the books that has to be covered and tells them how much study is needed each day. A schedule of every subject should be prepared with proper priorities according to your weakness and strength in various subjects.

Common sense tells that subjects which are weak should be given more number of hours but it is also important to spare good number of hours for revising what you are good at. Also, it is important to keep a time gap between the two otherwise; everything will become hotchpotch in the head. The timetable must have (much needed) breaks in between.

4). Don’t ignore ENGLISH Subject

Not all but a many students do not take English subject seriously and at the time of result, this subject become responsible for the drop in overall percentage.

English subject can boot your marks and increase your percentage, all you need to do is to study it, one-day in a week. If you can maintain this, then surely this subject is known to have boosted the percentages of students. If you are good at English then you can increase your overall score by gaining good marks in this. It also pays off if you have a good handwriting and know how to write need and clean.

5). Stick With Your Syllabus Book.

Yes, I have seen many students who are running behind the big heavyweight reference books, and they ignore their syllabus books like NCERT in the case of CBSE board.

All the syllabus books in any board are designed according to the strict syllabus and it never happened in the history of board exams that a question has asked out of the syllabus.

6). Be Careful With your Weak Points

Assess which subject is weak and check with your teachers or friends to find methods to improve in that subject.

Take out your answer sheets of pre-boards and class tests etc., and take a look into your answers, find where you made mistakes, make a list of those mistakes for each and every subject.

No, say a big no, and start debugging your mistakes, scratch them to their depths, take it like a mission to convert those weak points into the stronger ones and work on to avoid the repeat.

7). Solving Previous Year Papers

Previous years’ papers act like a key to success in getting the good percentages in your 12th class. Don’t waste your money in buying costly and heavy books. The internet is ruling today where you can find anything, anytime.

Previous years’ papers are important because they will:

·         Let you know the difficulty level of questions.

·         Help to figure out the patterns and styles of asking the questions because some cute questions repeat in every board exam but always in different way.

·         Help to figure out your true level of securing marks.

8). Revise your syllabus Before the Exam Night

The old proverb says that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Revision is the most important factor to get good marks in the exam.

Revision is considered as a must before exams. If the chapters you studied months or even days back are not revised, it is as good as not studied. Preparation for exam is a continuous process. You have covered the syllabus over the entire year, but memory deteriorates with time. So, do have at least one revision before board Exam. It is always better if you can make a number of revisions before the PT Exam.

9). Be in contact with your teachers for guidance
Especially if you're having doubts in the concepts or facing problems while solving the questions or facing trouble in grasping a new concept. They will be happy to help.

10).Don't get frustrated before the exam
Exercises and Meditation will increase your sharpness and maintain your energy level. You should also involve yourself in outdoor activity for half an hour as it always helps.

If you have followed a study routine and have been revising your syllabus, there is no need to worry. Try to keep yourself calm, positive and confident.


I am working as education consultant at Aavishkar International School, which takes the honour of being one of the best English medium school in Ahmedabad. It is also one of fastest growing CBSE School in Ahmedabad. As a consultant my work is to give suggestions to teachers, students and school management to make it even better school.