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Portable milking machine - Milking Equipment

Posted last May 5, 2014, 2:08 am in Food report article

Milk Machine are machines which are used in the dairy farms to milk cows in an intensive level. It reduces human labor, thereby increasing high productivity. Producing quality milk is a complex process and in today’s highly competitive dairy industry and there is little room for error. Hand milking is a labour intensive system in which capital investment, running costs, labour productivity and milking performance are minimal. Clean milking clothes, buckets, udders and hands are essential for good hygienic quality milk. Milking Machine is used in the dairy farm to harvest milk from the udder of the cows. It is possible to do the milking manually if the dairy cattle is less but with the increase in the number of dairy cattle it becomes impossible to do the milking manually. It becomes difficult to maintain quality of milk productivity, cleanliness, hygiene, and to maintain the health of the cattle herd. Milking Machine helps to extract milk from the cow mechanically. Dairy cattle are milked by machine. Milking machine design and function is critical for rapid and efficient removal of milk without damage to the teat or gland and with minimal risk for transmitting pathogenic microorganisms that might cause mastitis. Milking machine gives good milk quality, excellent performance, is easy to operate and it gives longer service life. This Cow Milking Machine is made available in various technical specifications as per the clients defined needs at nominal prices.How is milking machine process helpful to cattle herds? The principle of machine milking is to extract milk from the cow by vacuum. The machine includes teat cups that contact the cow’s teats and remove the milk, a claw where milk pools as it is removed from the four teats, vacuum tubes that provide vacuum to the teat cups and a milk tube that removes milk away from the claw, a source of vacuum for the machine, and a pulsator that regulates the on-off cycle of the vacuum. Many milking machines today have an automatic take-off device that removes the machine from the cow when milking is completed. In addition, many milking machine systems are linked to a computer system that both regulates the machine and generates data about the cow and its milk as milking is occurring. Most cows have four functional teats. Therefore, milking machines are designed with four teat cups.Many milking systems today are equipped with an automatic detacher. The milking system detects flow rate of milk coming from the gland. When that flow rate drops to a specified level, the vacuum is turned off and a mechanical arm or chain retracts and pulls the machine from the cow\'s udder. This prevents overmilking of the cow\'s udder that often happens when humans have to make the decision of when to take the milker off.Milking systems today often are controlled by computer systems that record production information, sometimes indicators of mastitis, and other cow information. Milk yield is determined by a milk flow meter.Obviously, because the milking machine comes into contact with the cow’s teats or milk in the claw can impact up on the teat ends, cleanliness of the machine and hygiene during the milking process are critical for successful control of mastitis during the milking process. After milking, the machine is thoroughly cleaned with hot water, soap, acid and germicide solutions.Advantages and Disadvantages of Milking Machine to cattle farmers:Advantages of milking machine includes elimination of labour, milking consistency, increased milking frequency and it gives greater scope for herd management. Disadvantages of milking machine are very few and of not that significance. Initial cost of installing milking machine is higher, cost of electricity increases in operation of milking machine. Failure of touch screen display increases the reliance of farmers on manufacturer maintenance services and possibly it increases his operating costs. Lastly there is decreased contact between farmer and herd.Although the milking machine may only account for 5-10% of mastitis cases, proper milking machine function must be maintained over time. Incorrect vacuum or pulsator settings or worn teat cup liners all can enhance the role of the milking machine in contributing to intramammary infection. Obviously, because the milking machine comes into contact with the cow’s teats or milk in the claw can impact up on the teat ends, cleanliness of the machine and hygiene during the milking process are critical for successful control of mastitis during the milking process. After milking, the machine is thoroughly cleaned with hot water, soap, acid and germicide solutions.The following points must be considered by farmers while installing milking machine.1) If you\'ve got just a few cows, you probably won\'t save much time, but milking by machine, even a few cows, is easier than hand milking. With more cows it\'s both more time efficient and physically less exhausting. In general, machine milking doesn\'t cause mastitis; careless milking and improper use of the equipment does. 2) Always check the vacuum prior to attaching the inflations to the udders teats. Improper vacuum can lead to mastitis. 3) Be sure not to over-milk. Over-milking is probably the most common cause for mastitis when milking by machine. 4) The plastic shells and silicone inflations let you watch the milk flow. The moment the milk flow stops, shut off that inflation. Also be sure to put some sort of clamp on each milk line, so you can shut off each inflation individually. 5) Use a strip cup to sample milk from each cow prior to milking. Hand strip does after machine milking. Leaving milk in the udder can cause disease and decrease production. Use a good teat dip when done. 6) People may have trouble with milking machines. For best results, choose new, quality equipment from people who know both the equipment and cows. Be sure you have someone to talk with and provide maintenance if you run into problems.If these points are considered milking by machine can be good and easy for the farmers and for the cows.     Krishna Industries based in Mumbai, India sells cow milking machines to its suppliers all over the world to milk one to one thousand or more cows at a time. Krishna Industries is India based manufacturer of Milking Machines. Milking Machines manufactured by us are available in Mobile/Trolley type and Fixed type. Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Mumbai, our product range includes Milking Machine such as Belt Driven Milking Machine, Double Cluster Milking Machine, Single Bucket Milking Machine and Coupled Milking Machine. Milking Machines works either on Electricity, Inverter based or Petro-kero engine. The offered range of milking machines are made utilizing high grade raw material and innovative technology in strict compliance with the international quality norms and standards.To know more about milking machine, milking machine products and parts simply click on our milking machine section at or at