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Krishna Industries Advance Milk Tanker Security System

Posted last March 7, 2014, 12:56 am in Food report article

A wireless computerized system to protect milk from cow to consumer is the base for the advance milk tanker security system. Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated. The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, energy and materials and it improves quality, accuracy and precision. Today dairy industry is fast growing industry. Dairy Automation is a fast emerging and evolving cost-effective technology based solution for the Dairy industries. It is an excellent combination of multiple high-end technologies.One of the challenge faced by the dairy industry is the distribution of milk from dairy farm to the consumers in retail. In big farms, milk is transported first to the milk processors. The bulk milk transportation sector has a need for a security enhancement that will enable normal milk transport activities to occur and yet provide security against unauthorized access to milk in transit or storage and to reduce recording errors. The Milk Transport Security System provides a comprehensive system that addresses both areas of concern: (i) bulk milk security and (ii) data collection and management.The Milk Transport Security System is a completely integrated system that will improve operational efficiencies as well as ensure safety and defense measures for the dairy industry. Advance Milk Tanker Security System has been developed based on input from producer groups, processors and transportation companies and includes a data server,a mobile handheld computer and computer processor installed on the tanker which operates the Security Monitoring System.Milk Tanker Security System offers    Higher level of accountability    Increased security    Unprecedented data collection capabilities    Superior product traceability    Improved scheduling and logistics    Ability to track specific farm attributesThe Milk Transport Security System monitors, tracks and stores information related to bulk milk transport activities such as dairy producer, dairy processor and milk transportation company information. Pertinent data includes GPS coordinates of locations, Interstate Milk Shippers or state identification numbers and tanker capacities.The software solution will allow appropriate users to update the data stored in the server.The mobile handheld computer is designed to be water tight and is protected against shocks such as dropping the device. It is used by the milk hauler/sampler or other authorized users to enter information that is typically recorded on hand written documents such as the milk ticket or tanker wash tag. The handheld device will potentially provide up-to-date information regarding items such as pick-up scheduling and logistics. The system uses a handheld computer that receives data on milk weight, milk temperature, pick-up time and other information. The handheld computer then relays that information to a data server and makes it available over the Internet. Information on bulk milk collection and transport is collected, stored in the database and made easily available to those concerned with milk security.The Security Monitoring System mounted on the milk truck or tanker includes a GPS unit, electronic locks, a key pad and temperature sensors. These core components are critical to the system\'s record keeping system that identify who, when, where and why a tanker\'s door, valve or dome lid was accessed. Temperature sensors monitor milk in transit, the tanker\'s wash cycle and, when appropriate, milk samples in the storage cooler. All tanker events are captured and stored. The Milk Transport Security System will allow a producer\'s dairy herd information to be downloaded with each farm pickup, which, if utilized, will provide near instant traceability from the processor to the individual cow.The Milk Transport Security System will manage by exception, meaning activities exceeding specified criteria will be \"red flagged\" and quickly communicated to the system users. Examples of potentially flagged items include inappropriate access to the tanker, tanker wash tag expiration or an elevated milk cargo temperature. The security and traceability features of the Milk Transport Security System will enhance the dairy industry\'s ability to quickly respond to an event. Detailed information relating to a load of milk in transit regarding location, volume and temperature will be available and will potentially increase efficiencies and benefit milk marketing agencies, dairy processors and milk transport companies.      The system totally automates milk data collection from the farm to the dairy processor. It improves accountability because only authorized personnel are allowed access to the milk during its transport, and their access is recorded. Key Advantages of installing Advance Milk Tanker Security System are as below,    Track the location of theft and tempering activity    Continuous monitoring of milk tanker while it is in transit so that one can monitor rout which milk tanker is following    Accurate planning of product manufacturing    Prevention of adulteration in milk and hence maintain milk quality    Automation in data collection and accurate data on milk procurement    Saving cost of milk, theft and adulteration Few of the features of Advance Milk Security System are 1. Alert for any malfunctioning in wiring2. Sequence based with time stamp3. Hermetically sealed4. self powered with auto charging from vehicle battery5. Two way access to Data6. Multiple outlets7. Data recording in server computerThe objective of advance milk tanker security system is to secure the milk during transport and automate the collection of the milk information for multiple dairy industry sectors.Along with the efficiencies gained from fast, accurate information, all users will also benefit from quick evaluations of bulk milk security coupled with rapid trace-back functions.In addition, consumers will be assured that the dairy industry is working diligently to improve milk safety and security.     Krishna Industries is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Dairy Equipments and Milk Collection Accessories.Our Product range includes Bulk Milk Coolers, Bulk Milk Cooler Automation, Milk cans, Milk Security, Milking Machine, Dairy Milking Parlors, Stainless Steel Milk Cans. We maintain world-class quality standards, efficient delivery schedules, competitive price and excellent after sales service. 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