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behaviour problems

Posted last September 18, 2012, 3:54 am in Services report article

Are you enjoying your relationship with your dog? Does your dog frustrate or embarrass you? Has the enjoyment gone from your walks? Are you fed up with aggressive, destructive, hyperactive or obsessive behaviour? Imagine reclaiming your life, home and yard, and being able to take your dog anywhere without worrying about their behaviour. A more enjoyable and rewarding relationship with your dog is just a phone call away.

Sitdropstay’s revolutionary dog behaviour system makes rehabilitating problem dogs and correcting and modifying unwanted behaviour quick and simple. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s most effective and progressive dog behaviour company, continuing to create new frontiers in the understanding of canine behaviour and our interaction and relationship with them. Our strong growth and reputation has been achieved through outstanding service and results. Whatever problem you are experiencing, our dog behaviour specialists can come to your home, local park or beach and address the behaviour where it is occurring. We show you how to manage and control your dog’s behaviour in all situations, including behaving calmly and respectfully in your home, going for walks, family outings, and playing happily with other dogs. Whether you have tried other methods unsuccessfully or simply want to take your relationship with your dog to the next level, we can help. Our dog training system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to your own individual needs and expectations.

Sitdropstay’s dog training philosophy is based on the art of Dog Whispering, a natural and respectful approach to both communicating with your dog and understanding their behaviour. After many years of experience, experimentation and research with all available training methods and tools, we have found this to be the most successful, respectful and effective approach to correcting behaviour problems. Dog whispering is based on the way dogs naturally communicate with each other, making it instantly understood, and creating an instinctive willingness to cooperate. It is possible for you to become a responsible, powerful and loving leader and create a deep connection with your dog where you can communicate naturally through body language, energy, voice, eye contact, touch and thought. We will empower you to have the relationship and lifestyle you want with your dog and help you fulfill them by understanding their real inner needs.

We believe that understanding our relationship and interaction with our dogs is more important than mainstream or modern dog training (Obedience). We often unnecessarily focus on only “training” our dogs to improve their behaviour and forget that they reflect our own thoughts, behaviour and state of mind. They bring us the gift of understanding ourselves through our relationship with them. When we present our dogs with behaviour that symbolizes weakness, we create dominance and anxiety in them. When we present them the gift of calm, confident and powerful behaviour we create balance and peace in their minds and an instinctive willingness to cooperate. Your emotional, mental and spiritual state of mind has a profound effect on your dog. It is therefore often pointless and an insult to just train them, send them away for training or put them on drugs when the problem may be your own lack of understanding, emotional state or your inability to express your power, certainty, or intent effectively. We are saddened and alarmed by the amount of dogs we are seeing that are dominant, aggressive, unstable, anxious or unnecessarily on drugs or even euthanised, due to their response to what they interpret as unstable and weak human behaviour. Our goal is therefore not to just train your dog but to also empower and educate you to understand your behaviour, so you may create and maintain the changes you seek within your dog.

So How Does it Work?

One of our Dog Behaviour Specialists will come to your home, or wherever you are experiencing problems, and show you how to immediately start changing and modifying their behaviour. You tell us the behaviour you want to change and we help you to create it. We will explain to you why your dog is displaying the unwanted behaviour and show you to to change it to the behaviour you would prefer.

We are a hands on Dog Training company. We won’t spend hours teaching your dog to sit and drop for a treat, or show you slide shows and talk about diet, and dog toys.  Most problem behaviours will only require one or two consults to correct. For maximum results we suggest an initial two hour consult and then a follow up  two to four weeks later to polish things up. We will not charge you again if a behaviour problem persists after a second lesson.

Your local Sitdropstay Behaviour Specialist is available on weekdays, evenings and weekends. Contact us now and we can begin to create the well mannered and balanced dog you always wanted.

For further information about dog training, costs, availability or products, please contact Sitdropstay on 1300 306 887, or mobile 0416 508 549.