Monday, March 25, 2019 08:58 PM
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Invisible Technology in Game of Spy Cheating Playing Cards

Posted last July 25, 2015, 2:56 am in Entertainment report article

As a human being we all need food, shelter and cloth. Entertainments are also necessary for us it refreshes our mind and gives energy to accomplish our task. We follow different things for entertainment as some watches movies; some hang out with their friends and family while some play indoor and outdoor game. With advance technology people become lazy so don’t prefer outdoor games so indoor games like playing cards, chess and Sudoku are popular all over the globe. Games like Chess and Sudoku are tough one and it takes time so maximum don’t prefer it, so in this scenario playing card is evergreen choice among masses, they play it with their family and friends.

With passage of time this game become one of the best way earning money in short span of time, specially youths are after this, after all they want to achieve everything is short span of time so they use plenty of makeshifts to win this game. Well these makeshifts are too risky even you may get caught while playing this game. But fortunately with advance technology, some invisible technology is added in this game so player are using it to win this game, even they are playing and winning it without fear of getting caught. So here is description of some devices.

Soft Contact Lens- This is pair of lenses you just need to wear it in your eyes, don’t worry this will not harm to your eyes; this is invisible so no one will detect its presence. With help of this device you can read opponent’s card from back side at distance of 30 -40 cm.

Hidden Lens For Playing Card- You will get all information regarding card, before cards are serve to you through some vibrating device, you can hide it in your purse, wallet and belt, it scrutinize the cards from top to bottom and sent scanned information to you, this information include suit no, marks and codes are printed on the front side of the card.

Wireless Mini Earphone- This is manufactured on principle of nano technology. Color of this device is like skin and it is so tiny that it will adjust in your canal without any discomfort so no one will detect its presence, and you will get all information regarding card.

Hidden Lens in Mobile Phone – This is device is similar with playing cards soothsayer, it scrutinize the card from top to bottom and report scanned information to player through micro earpiece before cards are served to you. The hidden lens is device which can be built in any mobile phone.

CFL Light Playing Card Device – Pinhole camera is hidden inside the CFL light of your room, viewing range of this camera is more than seven meter at the same time it is connected with some wireless output device as laptop or computer which is kept in the monitoring room. Thereby camera will read card of your opponent from back side and your opponent will not get any clue about it so in this scenario person from monitoring room will give you clear information about the card through some vibrating device. Buy online best quality Spy Cheating Playing Cards Delhi India.

So these are devices if you use it wisely in game of playing card then you will win all gamble game without fear of getting caught these devices are invisible so no one can detect its presence.