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How to drive ATVs safely in India and some uses of ATVs

Posted last May 13, 2014, 7:59 am in Autos report article

The advent of many ATV dealers in India has made obtaining an ATV a very easy task these days. Several international all terrain vehicle manufacturers have set up their dealership centres for sale and distribution of ATV models. There are models for all types of riders; for example young off road enthusiasts can choose a model from youth series while experienced ATV aficionados can go for professional scale models that encompass more powerful engines. Together all these ATVs are globally termed as quad bikes or quads; and these unique bikes are well known for delivering ultimate off roading fun to adventure sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to the dealers in India, the youth here are in no way behind the international youth as far as ATV scuffles are concerned.Despite the fact that riding an all terrain vehicle is a fun filled experience, every rider irrespective of age, experience or built must mandatorily follow safety measures. These measures have been outlined by ATV safety organisations and manufacturing companies all over the globe. And by following them, one can have fun as well as stay safely mounted atop their ride. Some of these safety tips are as follows:

 -An Indian ATV rider must always put on DOT compliant of ISI marked helmets.

 -Besides the helmets, other safety attire mandatory are goggles, long pants, full sleeved shirts, over the ankle boots and gloves to name a few.

 -An all terrain vehicle must never be driven on paved roads for the tyres are exclusively meant to grip on to rugged terrains.

 -Single rider ATVs must be used by one rider and a passenger should never be carried on them.

 -Young riders under the age of 16 should be guided and supervised by adults.

 -A safe speed limit should be maintained and only designated trails should be driven upon.

 -It is advisable to undergo an ATV training course from an authorised ATV driving institute in India before mounting one.

The above safety tips can ensure that an ATV rider obtains maximum pleasure during an ATV ride as safely as possible. Besides the adventure sports point of view, these vehicles are amazing monsters that are useful in many utility tasks. That is the reason why an ATV certified driver can use his or her wonder vehicle to carry out several other functions.  

Uses of ATVs:

 -They can be used as heavy duty snow ploughing vehicles.

 -They can be used as insecticide spraying and weed-kill applicators in lawns, farms, gardens etc.

 -Most ATVs have a high load hauling capacity. So they can be carried to the camping side by attaching a trailer behind with all the necessary camp gear.

 -ATV winch helps to pull or drag heavy equipment and even other ATVs when they get stuck.

 -They are handy farm vehicles and can be used for field ploughing in gardens, plots, farms etc. ATVs can also be used as lawn mowers, rakes etc.

All in all, ATVs are the best adventure sport rides for the amount of adrenaline rush a rider can obtain by staying mounted on an ATV for hours is incomparable. Moreover, during off seasons, the same powerful rides can be converted into magic utility vehicles that can help home owners to finish several tough tasks in a jiffy. No wonder ATVs have gained so much of popularity in the Indian market.

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