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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Dairy Whitener this Season

Posted last August 31, 2017, 4:07 am in Health report article

Milk is the primary source of nutrition in almost every house now. People consume dairy products every day. However, what about the days when you run out of it? Or when you are travelling and cannot carry a pouch with you? You would, of course, need a convenient and equivalent alternative. Have you heard about dairy whiteners? People might think that they are not nutritional, but the health benefits of dairy whiteners are many.

   Dairy whiteners are, simply, the best alternatives to milk. They are used in tea or coffee to give that perfect taste. But, why to switch to dairy whiteners? Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should try dairy whitener this season:

  • Provide you with similar taste

   When you go for dairy alternatives, the taste is the first thing which draws you away from them. You have been accustomed to the taste of milk and thus the alternatives do not seem a good option.

   However, this is not the case with whiteners. Whiteners taste the same as milk and thus give the same flavour to beverages. Also, if you wish to add more flavours to the milk, there also are chocolate, masala and cardamom flavoured whiteners to get your job done. Most of the five-star hotels use these to make their beverages as they give it flavour according to the preferences of the customers.

   Some powders are also used to make ice-creams as they also give that yummy flavours to the desserts.

  • Available in small packs and sachets

   How many times has this happened, that you have to travel, but you cannot take that huge packet or pouch of milk with you because it is inconvenient and also, once it is opened, you have to consume it or it gets spoiled after a specific period of time?

   With milk powders, that is not the case. They are available small sachets so that you carry as per your requirement. They even do not go bad once they are opened and can be restored. This makes it very convenient to use.

  • Nutritional value

   When it comes to calories, dairy whiteners do not have more than 20% of fats and sugars compared to milk. They are made by evaporating the liquid contents of milk because of which you get a powder. This also makes it less fatty and the sugar contents are also minimised.

   You can also opt for skimmed milk powder, which is made by using skimmed milk. Skimmed milk has the lowest calorie content compared to all other variants in the market and thus the variant made by using that particular type of variant also contains the lowest amount of calories compared to all other variants.

  • Cheaper alternative

   These are the best option for the nuclear families or the new age couples, who do not have time to buy milk in the odd hours of the day. Instead of buying whole packets which go waste sometimes, it is better to buy these sachets at lower prices with the same benefit. You also get them at the best prices at some online dairies.

  • Refrigeration Free

  Whiteners available in India are refrigeration free, that is they do not need to be kept. Thus, they also have ‘multi-uses’ for making hot as well as cold beverages. They also are good for people with lactose-intolerance. They also work well in the coffee vending machines.


   So, not only health benefits, there also are other benefits of dairy whiteners related to cost, etc. You can get thes Dairy Whitener Online out there. So, get going, buy your pack of whitener today and enjoy all these benefits.