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How is Milk Effective For Weight Loss?

Posted last August 23, 2017, 9:05 am in Health report article

Milk is generally avoided by people who are trying to lose weight. But does it affect weight loss in any way? Or even weight gain for that matter? Milk surely has an immense amount of nutrients in it. All byproducts of the substance also have the same benefits for you. However, loss or gain? Let’s take a look at some reasons why consuming milk should be a must:

Nutritional Balance-

If you think that eating fatty substances make you fat, or consuming light and fat-free substances make you thin, then you are wrong. Surely, eating much more than you should make you gain all those unnecessary calories but, weight loss and weight gain doesn’t really depend on what you eat. It depends on how many calories you consume and how many you burn. If this balance is right, then you can go beyond your normal intake.

As long as the amount you burn is greater than the amount you consume, your body will gain the benefits required from the dairy product.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)-

CLA is known to have extremely beneficial for the human body. Dairy products are the richest source of CLA. they provide you approximately 75% of your total CLA needs. It keeps you full for a longer period of time. This makes you stay away from the munching on the unnecessary fats and calories. Thus, it helps you to keep your body away from the ‘bad’ fats.

Calorie Content-

‘Calorie’ and ‘fats’, these two words always evoke a feeling of harm. People generally think that fats mean bad. However, this is not the case. The human body needs to consume fats and calories in a limited amount daily. These nutrients are required to be converted to energy.

Thus, you have to consume all nutrients in required amount on a regular basis.

Dairy products have the required calorie and fat content.


As everyone knows, dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is one important nutrient in breaking down the fats in the body. Thus, it helps in your weight loss if consumed after a workout. Apart from this, calcium is also good for bones, teeth and nails and thus keeps your healthy.

However, what if your calorie content is being fulfilled by other meals? Should you consume milk then? Of course you should. With so many benefits, why would you leave it out of your daily diet?

There are a variety of the dairy product in the market. Just switch from the full cream milk products to toned, double toned or skimmed ones. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the skimmed ones for the body:

  • Least fat content-

The 0-0.5% of fat content shows that skimmed milk is nearly non-fat milk. This is the perfect choice if you do not want to affect your weight loss regime. Out of all the variants this variant has the least amount of fats.

Many people who want to lose weight are recommended not to consume fats more than a certain extent. Switching to this variant helps to keep the daily fat consumption in check.

  • Least calorie content:

One serving of whole milk contains 160 calories whereas the same amount of skimmed contains 71 calories. This beverage is also a source of good carbohydrates and also is low in cholesterol. Thus, it helps in keeping cholesterol levels in check.

  • High in Protein Content:

The protein content in this beverage is higher than many fruit juices.

One serving of skimmed milk contains 8.5 g of proteins. Proteins are extremely essential to build and maintain muscles. Skimmed milk is a very good source of protein.


So, what are you waiting for. Get aware of health benefits of dairy products and start including this nutritional dairy product in your daily diet.