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Impact of Website Design the Sales and Conversion of an Organization

Posted last September 11, 2017, 6:04 am in Services report article

With rapid digitalization, there is little scope for companies to not be present online. Today you will notice that almost all types of industries and businesses are present online to boost their sales and build revenue. But what are the factors that make or break a business online? Are there any fixed norms to ensure a successful online presence? Can we do anything to make sure that we get consistent online trafficto make it big?

There are 3 factors that are extremely important to ensure that you have good visibility-

1. Website Design
2. Content that is SEO friendly
3. Products

Let us understand how website design impacts the sales and conversions of an organization.

Website design has always been a top parameter for any business to measure its visibility. If you have an appealing website there is a higher chance of audience to come back.

1.      Visual Appeal: Better the website, higher the footfall. A visually appealing website makes the audience want to stick around and understand what is it that you have to offer? First impressions are directly proportional to conversions and sales. If your potential audience has a great as well as seamless viewing experience, there is a higher chance of them returning. A bad viewing experience will not make them come back.

2.     Key Elements: The key elements of the website have to be placed right at the beginning. A visitor takes approx. 5 seconds to browse through your webpage to understand the crux of it. If the home page or the landing page does not fully convey the purpose of the website then there is a high chance of losing a potential customer. Some brands that have been around in the market for a long time have an opportunity to play around with the user experience. They may create an impact by having a very catchy headline so that the person is intrigued to go further. This will take them to the main landing page to understand more about the new brand offerings.

3.     Home Page: The home page has to have the correct design to engage the audience to explore the website further. A very drab and colorless website landing page will work against the brand. To have higher sales and conversions, there has to be a strong message delivered right at the beginning of the page.

4.     Call to Action: Having a call to action button right on the homepage, one that is accessible, is a great way to attract customers. Action buttons like ‘Sign up here’ or ‘Contact Us now’ or ‘Look for more deals’ or ‘free gifts’, will make the potential customer browse further and probably even convert into a customer.

5.     Social Media Links: Having your social media links placed right on top will enhance your visibility. Some prominent links that you have to have your social media presence is- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Social media presence plays a strong psychological impact on the mind of the consumer, making them believe that your brand has something different to offer.

6.     Testimonials: Valid, but not crafted, testimonials play a crucial role in sales and conversions. They are like reviews for your product or service. Better the review, better the chance of engaging a customer.

7.     Case studies and videos: Adding a few case studies coupled with some really informative and innovative videos increase your chance of visibility. Audiences get enthralled with great videos that showcase your actual business.

These are a few tips to help you understand the importance of a well-designed website, consisting of the correct links and just the right amount of images. There is no fool proof way of guaranteeing sales and conversions, but this is absolutely one of the ways to begin doing it.