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What is the Dot net framework & Future in .NET

Posted last February 17, 2017, 3:25 pm in Jobs report article

The Microsoft .NET Framework encompasses C #, VB.NET, and F # languages.

Languages ​​are used to create "bold clients"

Web services (WCF, WebAPI) and Web applications (WebForms, ASP.NET MVC).

Differences Between ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC

Here is the terminology section:

.NET Framework - A technology introduced in 2002 that includes the ability to create executables, Web applications, and services using C # (pronounced sharply), Visual Basic, and F #

ASP.NET - An open source, server-side framework that is a subset of the .NET Framework that specifically focuses on building Web applications, Web sites, and Web services.

ASP.NET Web Forms A proprietary technique developed by Microsoft to manage state and form data across multiple pages. The innate capacity of the Web are stateless pages where Microsoft has created state pages by creating the Web Forms technique.

ASP.NET MVC - An open-source Web application framework that implements a Model-View-Controller design model.

.NET framework?

.NET was Microsoft's reaction to Java in 2001. Or that's how I perceive it. Basically I see it as a better Java. To be more precise I must say that it is a better JEE - Java Enterprise Edition. As Java is a language, while .NET is a framework. But since I write only in C # in practice, and C # /. NET and Java / JEE are pretty tightly coupled. Microsoft could not afford to lose all VB developers who had learned to code in business, so they created two languages. Because they also wanted a C-like language to target other developers. And C # is most of the focus is now going (also with the current Roslyn project). Although VB still seems to allow XML literals, whatever they are.

Anyway. NET is intended for businesses to write business applications. Although you can do anything with it. It will not work as well in some specific use cases (which require domain-specific languages).

When Java has the virtual machine for platform independence, .NET has the "intermediate language" that allows multiple languages ​​to be compiled to the same and work together.

The mono framework, an open source .NET implementation, also provided implementations of alternative platforms (for Linux, Mac OS X, etc.). But the independent part of the platform currently only seems to be stepping, now that Microsoft is pushing with One The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Siteand, MVC5 and Owin.

Java and .NET also have a runtime. This is the thing that most end users know best about. They suddenly have to install the .NET framework, when they install another program. Or they get a nagging popup that Java has an update.


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