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About Guwahati






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Places of interest




Shopping centres



The city has several shopping malls:




Dona Planet





Spanish Garden






The city has several multiplexes including:








Notable places in Guwahati




  • Pan Bazar: (Pron: pʌn bəˌzɑ:) A lively part of the city center on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra. Cotton College, Digholy Pukhury (Dighalipukhuri), The State Museum, RBI, District Court (Kamrup District), etc. are all major landmarks. Moreover, the area also possesses many libraries, major government offices, and a shopping district. Restaurants and bookshops in the area provide a unique environment. It also contains a major wholesale market for drugs and pharmaceutical products, and a hub for printing and publication. Close to Digholy Pukhury, there are many stores with traditional arts and crafts from Assam and other parts of the NER. Kachari Ghat, next to the district court is an important local river port. It is also known for its sports market.



  • Fancy Bazaar: (Pron: ˈfænsi bəˌzɑ:) In the western part of the city-center is a busy commercial district for wholesale and retail. Originally called Fansi Bazaar after the district jail that executed criminals/freedom fighters by British by hanging (fansi, in the local language), the name has slowly transformed to Fancy Bazaar to denote the retail stores for clothes and garments. The place is also the hub for wholesale products ranging from food and beverages, garments, to hardware and building materials.



  • Paltan Bazaar: (Pron: ˈpʌltən bəˌzɑ:) In the central part of the city-center is the hub for transportation and hotels. With Guwahati railway station, the regional bus stand (ASTC), numerous hotels, restaurants and offices and stops of numerous private regional bus service providers, this area is the busiest and most congested. There are many small shops selling traditional garments from parts of the NER. After the start of operations at ISBT for Intra and Inter state bus service, bus services from Paltan Bazaar have been prohibited by authorities to ease traffic congestion in the area. Now the ASTC Bus stand and various private bus operators only run shuttle services from Paltan Bazar to ISBT.




  • Ganeshguri: (Pron: gəˈneɪʃˌgʊri) A developed commercial area in the south, outside of the city-center. Its proximity to the state capital complex and rapidly growing southern residential areas have made it an important city sub-center. Ganeshguri is a busy part of the city with retail shopping areas, hotels and restaurants, and small businesses. It is named after the popular Ganesh Mandir situated in the area.



  • Hatigaon: A developed commercial cum residential area outside of the city-center. Its proximity to the state capital complex and rapidly growing southern residential areas have made it an important city sub-center. Hatigaon is a busy part of the city with retail shopping areas, hotels and restaurants, and small businesses.



  • Beltola Bazaar: (Pron: ˌbelˈtəʊlə bəˌzɑ:) A traditional weekly fruits and vegetables market with historic importance. The market is an important traditional trading point between the people from the Khasi hills (Meghalaya) and local people. It is a rich market with local food products. It is in Beltola, a predominantly residential area in the south.



  • G S Road: A long stretch of road between Ganeshguri and Paltan Bazaar, G S Road has emerged as the new commercial hub of Guwahati. It is considered that it may displace Fancy Bazaar and Pan Bazaar as the major shopping centers in the years to come. It is now also one of the most important and expensive pieces of property in Guwahati, containing some of the most commercially important buildings.



  • Guwahati War Cemetery: A World War II war cemetery, maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission This is the one cemetery among the nine cemeteries in India which has war graves of Japanese soldiers. The cemetery has 521 graves, including 316 known and 18 unknown graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom, 136 known and seven unknown Indian soldiers, four from Canada, four from South Africa, one from New Zealand, two graves of soldiers whose nationality is unknown, 11 graves of Japanese soldiers and 24 graves of Chinese Army soldiers.




  • Noonmati A place located near Chandmari and is a suburb of Guwahati and also home to the Guwahati's first oil refinery commissioned by then by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited on 1 January 1962. It has many temples, of which three are famous; one of them is the Sai Baba Mandir near the Noonmati over-bridge which is located on top of a hill and has scenic beauty. The second one is known as Ganesh Mandir devoted to Hindu Gods & Goddess it is located on Ganesh Mandir Path and is decorated with white marbles among lush green trees in a residential area called New Guwahati. The third temple is known as Hanuman Mandir and is devoted to Hindu God Lord Hanuman(The monkey God who helped Lord Ram to fight against the evil king of Lanka "Ravana")and is located on the main Maniram Dewan Road near FCI(Food Corporation of India), Guwahati. The other places of interest are the Refinery Sectors which are constructed with recreational centers. "Sneh Bandhan" in New Guwahati was the former residence of Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma which is now converted to Children's Activity Center and has a library, a movie hall, a game parlour, an outdoor park with a garden, a computer lab with a teacher, music classes, dance classes, singing classes and an iBerry interactive board with tuition classes for all age-groups. Another, beautiful place is Kharguli, a 15 minute drive from New Guwahati from where the Brahmaputra River in its full flow can be viewed and is also famous for picnic spots along the banks of the river.




  • A T Road: Assam Trunk Road, popularly known as A T Road, is the commercial hub of the North-Eastern India located in the heart of the city and contains the big business houses in the city. It is center to all kinds of building materials available in this part of the country. AT Road is closely intertwined to most prominent business areas of Guwahati like Athgaon, Fancy Bazar, Paltan Bazar, Panbazar, Bharalumukh etc. Major Business Houses having offices on this stretch include Hawelia Group - Pintu Udyog (India) Pvt Ltd, Sani Steel, and Himatsingka Group. The area has developed into an overall market for building materials. Major famous landmarks include Hotel Rajmahal, Himatsingka Petrol Pump, Gol Building, Pintu Udyog (India) Pvt Ltd, Hotel Vishwaratna.




  • Kahilipara: A place located to the west of capital, Dispur. Surrounded by localities of Ganeshguri and Lalganesh, it is a residential area. Most educational department offices of state government are located here. The Regional Government Film and Television Institute(formerly Jyoti Citraban Film Studio) is also located here.




  • Hatigarh Chariali: A newly developing area in Guwahati becoming a popular place for residential living where various schools are located such as Faculty School etc. with near by vegetable market.






Key attractions






  • Scenic view of river Brahmaputra near Noonmati








  • Kanai Boroxi Boa Xil is a place encompassing a number of big rocks. It is said that Lord Krishna used to sit on these rocks while catching fish on the river Brahmaputra.





  • River Cruise: One of the major attractions of Guwahati is the River Cruise on the Brahmaputra river. On board these luxurious cruise vessels tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.


  • Umananda Temple: On the Peacock Island in the middle of the Brahmaputra, this Shiva temple was built in 1664. It is believed that Lord Shiva by using his third eye burnt Kamdeva at this place. Every year Shivaratri is celebrated in this temple in a great way. The island is believed to be the world's smallest human inhabited island. The world's largest river island isMajuli.



  • Accoland: Accoland family fun kingdom is the north-east's only amusement park named after Acco, the mythological king of amusement. This park is at Patgaon.



  • Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra: Shankardev Khalakshetra's name is synonymous with the Vaishnava saint and scholar of Assam Srimanta Shankardeva. It is a multipurpose cultural complex that has fulfilled its aim in protecting, promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the communities and tribes of Assam and the country.



  • Guwahati Planetarium: Situated in Uzanbazar this planetarium is the only one of its kind in the North-Eastern region and a center of astronomical research. For visitors, the mysterious aspects of the universe are brought alive by sheer audio-video technique and explained in the dark domed structure inside the planetarium.



  • Assam State Museum: Assam State Museum is situated near Dighalipukhuri. It houses many rare, specimen of the Ahom Dynasty. Many articles of equipment, dress materials belonging to the glorious past of Assam are found here. Many antiques, statues, manuscripts, written on Shashi-paat and other valuable articles are preserved and displayed here.



  • Kamakhya Temple: Kamakhya Temple situated some 5 km from the main city on the Nilachal Hill, is one of the most sacred Hindu Shrines of India. Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped here.Ambubachi Mela is celebrated every year in the middle of June in this temple. Many devotees from across the country gathered here during this mela.



  • Shilpagram: Adjacent to Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra, this is the only crafts village of the North East Zone Cultural Center (NEZCC). It had made landmark in the promotion of the varied arts and cultures of the local people. It holds regular cultural events throughout the year in its open air stage and auditorium.



  • Nehru Park: At heart of the city at Panbazar by the side of Cotton College. The highlights of the park are the concrete statues of Bihu dance, Ojapali dance, Deodhani dance, Jhumur dance, Bhoor tal dance etc. There are altogether 45 concrete statues depicting these aspects of Assamese life and culture.



  • NEDFi Haat: NEDFi Haat is at a leased building of Industries & Commerce Department Govt. of Assam. In NEDFi Haat visitors can buy handicraft and handloom products. As well as they can buy varieties of traditional food items produced by the Self Help Groups of the State in the Bihu seasons.





  • Basistha Temple: Basistha Temple[38] is on Sandhyachal Hill, on the southern part of the city; this beautiful tourist spot was once the ashram (hermitage) of sage Basistha.



  • Sukreswar Temple: Sukreswar Temple is an ancient Shiva temple built by Ahom king Pramatta Singha on Dakini Jogini hill by the side of river Brahmaputra.



  • Navagraha Temple: Navagraha temple or temple of nine planets is situated on Chitrachal Hill to the east. It was the ancient seat of study of astronomy and astrology. The nine planets are represented by the nine linga's inside the main temple. There is a stone imprint of solar system inside the temple. This temple is 3 km from the railway station is a center of Astrological and Astronomical research. It was for this temple Guwahati was named Pragjyotishpura.



  • Dighalipukhuri: Situated at the heart of the city at Uzanbazar and surrounded by the High Court on the north and the State Museum and District Library on the south. This is a huge man-made tank. It was excavated by King Bhagadatta to celebrate the 'swayambar' of his daughter Bhanumati who was married to Kourava prince Druyadhana. There is a boating club on the Dighalipukhuri.



  • Ugro Tara Temple: At the heart of the city banks of Joarpukhuri (twin ponds). The Ugro Tara Temple is another shakti peeth temple where the eyes of sati were believed to have fallen.



  • Balaji Temple, Guwahati: This temple is a recent addition to the religious places of Guwahati. It is situated at Betkuchi area of the city. Balaji temple with striking South Indian architecture is unlike the other temples of this place. In the evening the temple is illuminated by electric lights.



  • ISKCON Temple, Guwahati: This temple belongs to the ISKCON society founded by Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The temple's main deity is Radha-Krishna. The main emphasis of this temple's preaching lies on the teachings of Krishna and Bhagavad Gita.



  • Madan Kamdev & Gopeshwar Mandir is situated near to Guwahati in a village named as Deuduar.



  • Northbrook Gate: It was constructed to welcome British viceroy Lord Northbrook who visited Guwahati in 1874 near Sukreswar Ghat. British officials named it 'Gateway of Assam'.





Other attractions in and around the city



A Schematic Map of the city of Guwahati showing important roads and places of interest

A sculpture of some martyrs from Assam, at Bharalumukh

A view of Peacock Island, the smallest river island of the world, The Umananda temple is situated in this island

A dusk view of Guwahati, with Nehru Stadium (lit up)










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