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What is the Kidney Stone Treatment Cost in India?

Posted last August 4, 2018, 3:27 am in Health report article

Kidney stones are nothing but a mass of insoluble calcium, which gathers in the kidney as well as the tube draining into the bladder. This way, the stones pass whenever you urinate. When one starts to feel severe pain during urinating and at the lower abdomen, getting a kidney stone surgery becomes highly crucial.

If you are suffering from kidney stones and looking for a better and easier way to get rid of the same, you should opt for the Laser Lithotripsy or the ESWL procedure. The kidney stone treatment cost in India ranges from 40 thousand to 1.5 lacs depending on the set up and team of urologists.

Anything beyond this amount is unreasonable or it has to be justified with any associated illness.

You can discuss this with your urologist and get finance part clear .

What is Laser Lithotripsy?

The Laser Lithotripsy or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is basically a non-invasive as well as a non-surgical kidney stone treatment that is used to remove kidney stones. In this particular process, an ultrasonic shock wave of high density is sent from the lithotripter machine towards the kidney stone. The wave then passes through the skin, and tissues of the patient and crushes the stone into some smaller particles. Those smaller particles, however, then passes through the urine later.

What Factors are Responsible for the Success of this Procedure?

There are a few factors that are responsible for this process to be successful. They are:


  •  The chemical composition of the kidney stone.
  •  The stone location in the kidney.
  •  The distance between the kidney stone and the skin surface.
  • The BMI (Body Mass Index) of the person.


When should you opt for the ESWL procedure?

If you find that one or more following factors are consistently increasing or present then you should opt for the lithotripsy procedure and get rid of the stone as soon as possible. They are:


  • Even after a reasonable period of time if the stone is not passing through your urine.
  • You feel constant and increasing pain in your lower abdomen and while urinating.
  • If you find out that the stone is stuck in a very difficult position or when it is too big to pass through your urine.
  • When you feel that the stone is blocking the flow of your urine and due to which you are now suffering from a continuous urinary infection.
  • When you find that the size of the stone is growing day by day.

The process of ESWL is very effective for stones that are sized from 4mm to 2cm. if the stone is less than 1cm or equal to 1cm, one-time lithotripsy will be enough. However, if there is a bigger stone, more than one session might be required.