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Effective Communication with A Walkie Talkie

Posted last December 22, 2014, 3:09 am in News report article

What are Walkie Talkies?

It is a two way transmission and reception radio that is used in communication between 2 people or a group of people. It works on a half duplex channel which means that there can be only one person sending out radio signals at a time while one or more can receive the same.

What is the difference between a mobile phone and a walkie talkie?

The main differences between the two are:

1.       A mobile phone works only in places where there is a network tower found. This tower helps in transmission and reception of signals. A walkie talkie requires no such tower. Hence it can be used in any terrain

2.       Distance is not a factor for communicating through mobile phones. Walkie talkies work only when both the transmitting and the receiving radios are at a certain distance from each other. If the distance exceeds, then there is no use of the product.

What does communication range of walkie talkies mean?

The distance between which two walkie talkies can effectively communicate without interference is called the communication range.

The tall claims of most walkie talkie brands

There are products sold in the market that claim to have a communication range of almost 12 km! Experts explain how this is calculated.

Most ranges are calculated on a flat terrain where the transmitter and the receiver are placed at line of sight with no interference at all in between. Sadly this is not how a customer intends to use this product. Interference like buildings, trees, walls etc reduces the communication range considerably. Hence it is wiser to not fall for such claims and analyze the product well before investing.

What is the ideal Walkie Talkie communication range?

The walkie talkie range varies with the power of the product. The below is the ideal range an Indian product will adhere.


Distance covered

No. of floors covered in a building

0.5 Watt

~ 200-300 meter

3-4 floors

4.0 Watt

~ 3-4 Kilometer

12-15 floors

7.0 Watt

~7-8 Kilometer

20-25 floors

A good brand will always explain the communication ranges with and without interference and keep the customer in light. TalkPRO walkie solution is a top brand walkie talkie in India that is approved by the Indian Ministry of Telecom. They promise the above said communication ranges and also come with a 1 year warranty on radio for all their models. Their service time is less than 24 hours and spare parts are available for discontinued products for up to 8 years.

Users should first understand their needs before choosing a model. A small hotel with just 3-4 floors of moving space might require the basic model while really big industrial space spanning across a large areas will need the powerful one.

 Always understand that products sold at cheaper prices by unknown brands promising great features always carry a risk. Renowned brands like TalkPRO offer a lot of features and genuine products at almost the same cost. Awareness is a buyer’s best friend.